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Wheelchair Vertical Lift

Wheel chair lifts, or vertical platform lifts (VPL), are the most popular alternative to unsightly ramps and, in some cases, to low-rise elevators. The lifts overcome architectural barriers with cost and space efficiency as they lift a person just a few inches to heights of up to 14 feet.

We have carefully selected our manufacturers to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Each manufacturer has a long history of quality and innovation. With our experience and product knowledge we will help you through the decision-making process to insure you find the product that is right for you.


Our users’ safety is paramount. Our products are built to last with robust materials and safety features that meet established safety standards in countries around the world. With 600 distributors in Canada and the U.S.A., Savaria Lifts is their first choice in accessibility products and home elevators. Thousands of North Americans access, exit, and move vertically in homes and commercial spaces using Savaria products.


The Inclinator VL wheel chair lift is the workhorse of the industry, as it embodies Inclinator’s reputation for reliability and is backed by the manufacturer’s great technical and customer support, plus a 2-year parts warranty.


Harmar platform lifts move users and their mobility devices safely from 4 to 14 feet.  Compact, with a small footprint, they are a natural fit for areas near staircases, decks, porches, or any raised architectural element.  Virtually maintenance-free, they are simple to install indoors or out and engineered with an emphasis on safety.

ConvertaStep - Wheelchair rampConvertaStep

ConvertaStep offers revolutionary access products for both residences and businesses. The lifts and ramps offer flexibility and are built with quality to last. ConvertaStep works easily with entries of one or up to five steps, and is designed to blend in easily with any home or business exterior. ConvertaStep’s lifts and ramps are safe, reliable and cost-effective. Steve Kitchin, founder of ConvertaStep and a quadriplegic since 1999 said “I did not want a 40 foot ramp to my front door. They are incredibly expensive and I do not like the way they look. Our lift provides access for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or anyone that has difficulty climbing stairs…and it can be installed for a fraction of the cost.”